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I got “volunteered”

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

That headline sounds so horrible, but it isn’t as bad as it sounds. Internal jokes and all the new interesting people you meet and get to work with might be the best thing about it all. So yeah, “I got volunteered” ;D into helping out at the Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit.

The conference will be held at the IT University of Göteborg (campus Lindholmen) during three days in October (beginning  on the 24th and ending on the 26th). The three big names behind arranging the conference is Free Software Foundation Europe (free software), Creative Commons (free culture), and Wikimedia Sverige (free content).

Sounds interesting? OF COURSE IT DOES! Now be so kind and clear all other arrangements during these dates, and register ;)

Seriously though, I attended last years conference as a guest (the first FSCONS ever, and when it was named Free Software Conference Scandinavia, and thusly only covered free software) and that was a big hit. I may be biased, but had I not enjoyed it the first time around, I wouldn’t really volunteer to help out, or shamelessly give it any advertising space here, now would I?

In closing, I would like to name a few of the talks scheduled, which I personally look forward to seeing/hearing:

  • Squeezing the Evil out of the Music Industry (by John Buckman)
  • The End of Free Communications? (by Oscar Swartz)
  • Agile and Scrum (by Niclas Nilsson)

and many more…