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Sunday, March 11th, 2012

Another week, another post :)

I had great fun at work this week. Loooong hours was looooooooooong, but at least I learnt a lot, and that I now have started playing with Wireshark.

Oh, and I got to code some small amounts of Python as well :D

Although most of the saturday was spent sleeping I did manage to discover some links I think I will just have to check out further:

  • Wemux, like tmux, but for multiple persons at once, I foresee this to be useful for either collaboration, such as remote pair-programming, or for lecture-style sessions
  • md2man, create man-pages using markdown and this conversion tool
  • Where Is Safe to Register a Domain Name? I’ll surely be thinking long and hard about this the next time I decide I need another domain

That’s about it for this week, hopefully next week will see normal amounts of work/hours and more free time to play with all the new ideas I got this week.