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A friend just called me Google…

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

I don’t know how to respond to that. I guess it is a great compliment, but aren’t all people walking, breathing knowledge-bases (henceforth kb)? Sure, some are more focused on a narrow field, while some have a broad, but shallow, kb. To be honest I am not especially thrilled with my performance in yesterdays “query”, as it took my friend two queries to get a satisfactory answer.

His friend needed to record a music stream, preferably free software. “Streamripper” was my immediate response. Or possibly, once I learned that it was a stream originating from MySpace. That didn’t pan out.

So he reformulated his problem space (something I should have done as well) and next wondered whether or not it wouldn’t be possible to create an application which would “rip” the sound stream as it was sent to the loudspeakers, and redirect it to the microphone port. Then a commonly available recording program could just handle the rest from there on out. “Like Audacity then?” was my immediate answer (with a small delay as I had to Google the link to that page). And that rewarded me with the comment “Damn, you’re Google” (ok, the real comment was in Swedish, but this is close enough)

It bugs me that I hadn’t made the connection of saving audio-streams to “ripping” the internal audio-stream before this. But I guess this particular connection has been made in my head now (hopefully).