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My day

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

The two wortwhile things I’ve done today, in chronological order:

  1. Cheer up a dear friend who needed some kind words
  2. Vote for the Pirate Party in the EU election

The future of the Internet

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

I have on and off during the last year or so read various articles on the Internet, about what our “dear” politicians have in store for the Internet. The first article I read mentioned some large corporations in the US wanting to restrict access and chop up the net into smaller parts, and bring in an analogy from the television-world. Websites would essentially become “channels”, and you could “buy” a package of channels, customized to what you would wish to read/watch/experience.

Oh, you’re a media-type, well then you’d probably appreciate the “media package”, containing sites such as YouTube and MySpace. “News?” you say, well we have the “news package” including and Fox, perhaps the always levelheaded and informative *snicker* Aftonbladet for the Swedish readers.

You would have “pay-per-view”, online. Somehow I have a feeling that blogging-sites such as WordPress would either “mysteriously disappear” or, as they would now be “channels” and thus regulated, be watered down heavily moderated sites, where only the “right” opinions could be expressed.

And individual blog-installations, much like this one? I have no idea. I can’t see this blog making it to any “prime-time” feed, and I cannot see how, if access is reglated to only “approved” sites, how I would even maintain it anymore.

Today I found my way onto another blog (in Swedish), and sure maybe I am an alarmist, but I have seen these words formulated before, and now hearing them come from the EU, well let’s just say that I feel less than amused.

There is just one thing I can’t really understand how they would solve. I don’t have any great insight into the business world, but even the small warehouse I worked at a couple of ago used EDI to send weights, volumes and addresses of all pallets and packages to the freighter ahead of time. With a locked-down Internet, how the hell will any of this work? Not to mention all the banks (at least here in Sweden) which are closing down more and more of their local offices since so many people are doing their banking affairs online instead. Personally I’d rather not “just wait and see”. But then again, that’s why Christian Engström is going to get my vote in the EU election roughly two months from now. (Oh and I am SO going to make up for my mistake in 2006 by giving the pirate party my vote in 2010)