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Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

I’ll try to keep this post short, only the most significant discoveries from this week:

git add –patch

This is the biggest revelation I’ve made in quite some time.

What it will do for me is to give me a chance to select “(c)hunks” of modified code inside a file, which I want to add to the coming commit.

If I were more disciplined while programming, that shouldn’t be necessary, but I hack on a new feature, notice a typo in another part of the code, fix the typo and continue hacking.

And then, should I just do a git add <file> the commit message would either need to be “hacked on feature and fixed typo” (ugly) or… I guess I could omit mentioning the typo fix in the commit message…

But with --patch I can now split these two unrelated changes into different commits and have a clean commit history. Awesomeness ensues!


Just like the proposal a couple of months ago about a freedom.txt (aw crap, I just remembered I haven’t done anything with that yet…) there is now a new idea, more engineered towards businesses, aptly called business.txt, and I find myself liking that idea pretty much.