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A great success!

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

This summer I have had the opportunity to perform a complementary project in order to get a grade in the AI project, which I flunked pretty hard during the third term. Yesterday, approximately one week after the deadline, the lecturers most closely involved in that project held and examination session in which me and the members of “my” group where to present our work, and explain / defend the choices we made as the project progressed.

I am happy to say that we all passed. In the end it was worth all the struggle; giving away all of the summer… however, one thing that should really be considered is that had we actually gotten started earlier, actually doing things, effectively, from an early stage, we would probably have had a working agent, plus documentation, ready and handed in after about one and a half months, and had plenty of time for summer too.

But I am happy, we all passed, we get to continue in term 5 now after the summer, with our classmates, if it continues this way I will graduate in roughly one years time from now.

So in closing; Gabe, Robbie: Good work! :D