Ten things I wish I knew earlier about the Linux command line; Ctrl-U, Ctrl-Y wasn’t exactly new to me, but not something I regularly use. Truth be told, I would probably have been more likely to just go to the beginning of the line, and add the command followed by a semicolon.

Since I started trying out dwb instead of Firefox I’ve been missing some addons. AdBlockPlus is one of those, man the web is noisy without it. But that prompted me to install prioxy, and that works wonders, and works even better since this will ensure that any program using the proxy will immediately have the full filtering enabled.

It also means that the Facebook tracking disussed here can go suck it.

I also read an interesting post about so-called sparkfiles, which I think could be interesting to try out for a while.

Who owns the copyright to class notes? Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more absurd…

Automicrofarm looks like a rather interesting startup. Potentially bad for farmers, but lessening the reliance of the rest of the society seems like a not so bad idea these days.

Finally, an old but still valid lesson: Doing something, however small, is better than doing nothing

Every great thing once started small :)


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2 Responses to “2012w37”

  1. As always, nice read :-)

    but i am a bit lost. I don’t understand the last letters.

    Ctrl x-s

  2. Patrik says:

    The funny thing is that I actually had stop and try to figure out what you meant by Ctrl x+s (granted, I believe I wrote about C^s and C^q in a previous post, and my brain just jumped to assuming you were referencing that) but ok, touché ;)

    And thanks for the visit <3