This week has been slow,  I’ve done much writing and little hacking, but today (Friday) as my friend again pinged me about an Excel problem, things started moving.

Problem solving

He had a formula which he’d stared himself blind at, and thus didn’t realize that most of the job was already done, and he just had to add another column where he executed =Q<ROW_NUMBER_HERE>/5

But I’ve been there and done that, sometimes you just need a second, fresh, pair of eyes on the problem.

While trying to help, I attempted to start LibreOffice Calc, didn’t work, it needed libdb.so of version 0.5.2 or some such. I had refused pacman to upgrade to that version because that would break mocp.

mpd / ncmpcpp

I ended up biting the bullet, replacing mocp with mpd / ncmpcpp, so I think I’ve made @mk happy now ;D

Configurating mpd wasn’t as straight forward as it could have been. The otherwise so excellent ArchWiki actually impeded my efforts by making the first configuration suggestion be to use an mpd user, while only secondly suggesting tying mpd to your primary user account. That solution, of course, I found in the Arch Forums, which simply pointed out that the first suggestion is crap and that the second suggestion is almost guaranteed to work, which it ultimately did.

Configuration of ncmpcpp on the ArchWiki is also something of a joke, and there the solution lay with google. I am going to try establishing a minimal ncmpcpp configuration and complement the wiki.

In replacing mocp I also had to rewrite my wmii keybindings to work with ncmpcpp instead. That was fun, the new scripts where a bit shorter than their mocp-dittos. If this is due to me being a better programmer, or ncmpcpp having a cleaner API I leave unsaid ;)

I did get to use qcp (from renameutils package) to copy the old mocp-scripts into new ncmpcpp and that was a treat for this purpose.


I have begun a little writing project, using vim and LaTeX and wanted to make my writing environment a little more … interactive, so I tried tmux, which is screen-like. It seems pretty nice, although not exactly what I was looking for.

Other than that I also tried conque (which lets vim launch a terminal from inside a vim window). This was more what I was looking for, but to be brutally honest, the modality of vim didn’t translate all to well into that terminal.

I ended up discarding both, for the time being vim, wmii and ye olde urxvt will have to do. At least until I get a better understanding of what it is that I feel is lacking. But tmux piqued my interest. I will have to look into that some more.

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