Vim + snipMate

As I sat down in front of the computer today and started reading the backlog I came across this gem, which lead here, about how to turn Vim into a Python IDE. The blogpost itself contained many useful tips/tricks (the code folding script being on the top of that list), but as is often the case, the really cool stuff gets unearthed in the comments, like this one about snipMate. Also, excellent video presentation is excellent!

That post also lead me to another post on that blog which inspired me to finally start looking into ctags, which is a two step installation, one being installing the package exuberant-ctags from the repository, and the other fetching this script.

All I need to do now is try to learn the key mappings M^e, f, M^f, and TT/F4 ;D oh, and to tab a lot ;D

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