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Sunday, December 4th, 2011

Where the frakk did this week go?!?!

Work has been progressing, I can’t say that I am good at it yet, but I am better than I was just last week, which is thoroughly encouraging :)

Pontus made me realize that knowing sed is not enough, for some things you really need awk. Another thing to push to the toLearn stack…

I’ve been doing some more Perl hackery, but nothing worth showing, but I did however come across a site which I believe to be rather good and helpful regarding learning basic things about Perl.

Something which passed me by completely was that this Monday saw the release of YaCy 1.0 (in German), but as you can see on Alessandro’s blog I might have been just about the only one who didn’t get that particular news item. Congratulations on making version 1.0 guys!

I was also toying with the idea the other day of making quarterly summaries as well. One blog post a week is great as it forces me to write, thus improving my writing, but it doesn’t really do anything for discerning trends, or changes in the way I work. This could be interesting :)

Finally, I should really start planning for writing my yearly “technology stack” post by diffing what I used back then and what I’m using now.

I am already certain that I’ve disappointed myself in some aspects, and surprised myself in others…



Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

After couple of months worth of meetings, weeks of planning and days of execution, FSCONS 2010 has come to an end.

I would lie if I said that this weekend hasn’t been stressful, but as last year, and the year before that, seeing the smiles on the faces of all the visitors, and the conversations sparking up between speakers and visitors, or by self-formed groups inspired by¬† a recent talk, and all the volunteers breaking their backs and all of it coming together in seemingly perfect harmony, it makes it all worth it.

Thank you all, from Jonas, hesa, razor, Marcus R, ljo and all the other people I am probably to oblivious to even know about.

Thank you CoyPu, pesa, and bumby, for doing all the hard work and making my job so easy (and thanks for forgiving my brief temper-flurries).

Thank you all the volunteers which I never had the chance to really map the names of.

And of course, thank you, all the speakers and visitors.

All of you helped to ensure that FSCONS2010 was the best year yet, and I am proud to have been a small part of it all.

Although, with me running around super-stressed out (I worry, so that my team wouldn’t have to), I am glad I got the chance to meet and, however briefly, speak, with gryps75, ben72, Klara Tovhult, Christina Gratorp and Michael Christen.

The two, out of 44, talks I managed to attend, was both awesome!

Andreas Nilsson held a most entertaining presentation about how to create a poster in 45 minutes using only free software and free content (fonts, stock images, the lot). I have always found him a fun guy, but he is truly an entertainer!

Michael Christen presented YaCy (Yet Another Cyberspace), which heavily summarized boils down to being a software for setting up and contributing to a de-centralized search engine. I cannot do the awesomeness of it justice, so just go to and check it out, oh and yeah, SET UP A PEER OF YOUR OWN!

I’m sure I’ve forgot something, or someone… I do apologize, my mind and body still isn’t entirely back to normal after the weekend ;D