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I love Free Software

Monday, February 14th, 2011
I love Free Software!

I love Free Software. I love how it makes my life easier. How I can bend it to my will and use it they way I want, instead of having to bend my will and use it the way some developer wanted.

I love the idea of people selflessly sharing their ideas and solutions for the betterment of all. That programmers, designers, translators, admins, and maintainers and all the other awesome people I am too stupid to realize I should mention, all come together, doing bits and pieces. These are the people who doesn’t let the fact that no one can do everything, stop them from doing the something they can do.

I also love the community. All the people who help out by filing bug reports, submit patches, or answer questions in the forums. I love how it is not a homogeneous group, but a community of individuals. Individuals with different values and ideals. Individuals who can differ in the most profound ways, and still come together under this idea of sharing their knowledge, experience and expertise.

In short, there’s a whole lot of love going out here. Keep being awesome everyone!