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Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Woho! Not only a great week at work, but I also managed to squeeze in some other activities as well.

Managed to execute two test cases (yes, that’s a little slow, but there were mitigating circumstances, so all in all I am not too worried, and I did learn from it so it’s all good), got a small lecture in a subsystem (which made me want to tinker with Erlang and mnesia again), went swimming after work one day, and spent Thursday evening at an OWASP event, listening to a very entertaining dude named Jim Manico

There was a change in plans, so the talk wasn’t about Web Application Access Control Design but instead about the ten most critical web application security flaws found on the “OWASP Top Ten Project”-list.

Learning interesting stuff AND having fun at the same time? Oh wait, when I put it like that it just sounds like any other (work)day in my life, but you get the point. Great event, looking forward to the next :)

And Friday evening was spent hanging out with Rikard, Zara and Alfred. All in all, a rather good week.

I did have some trouble with tmux, not all of which I managed to solve.

There were actually two issues, and only one of them have been “solved”, and I use that word pretty lightly because I don’t find the solution particularly good, although it is probably the solution.

  1. Scrolling backwards (up) in an terminal inside tmux is painful. C^b [ sets you in the mode you need to be to enable PgUp to work, but that is not nearly as easy as my muscle-memory-bound Shift-PgUp (plus this also means I need to exit that “cut-mode” or whatever it is called when I’m done scrolling
  2. tmux doesn’t seem to interact all that well with a mouse. I admit, that probably wasn’t high on the priorities, but if I don’t have vim bindings (visual-mode, yank) the mouse is by far the easiest way to copy text from a terminal. Click and hold mouse1, drag over the area to copy, release mouse1, DONE!

The mouse issue is probably easy enough to fix, I suspect I just need to read the man-page better and fiddle some more with the configuration. But I am not so sure about #1. That’s the built-in way to do it… getting something better working there is probably not straightforward at all.

Finally, this week I also “rediscovered” zodiac and I am now pondering whether or not to just use that instead of building my own “makefile blog”-type of thing. I’d need to hack it a bit, there are some things I don’t want to make do without (RSS, prev/next-links, tags) and it would be pretty neat (albeit useless) to have post signing using GPG.



Sunday, February 26th, 2012


A capture the flag game where the objective is to break into a computer system.


I found myself needing to remove a couple (three) columns from a file containing about 15 columnts per line. And sure, I could have done something like awk '{ print $1 " " $2 " " $3 " " }' for the 12 columns I wanted, but that would have been tedious.

There just had to be a better way. And of course there was ;)

* * * * * *

I’ve been entertaining an idea which would need version controlled updates, and they’d also need to be trusted. So I’d need signed commits, and since I’m mostly using git nowadays, I needed to find out if this was possible. It is.

* * * * * *

Since starting my new job I’ve realized just how important it can be to write portable scripts (especially echo has bitten me in the ass a couple of times already) so this post was pretty useful to me.


Now this was a pretty inspiring post.

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A pretty funny post about how truly sorry a state the TV is in.