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Sunday, August 14th, 2011


This week has mostly been allocated to FFKP/FSCONS work. I learnt about “Special Pages” on mediawiki wikis. That was a great find, especially as I could be called upon to administer the FSCONS wiki ;)

Furthermore, I was “volunteered” to draft a staffing proposal (i.e. make an estimate about how many people we need to execute another successful FSCONS).

Scheduling and management is so far from the things I excel at doing—mostly for lack of practice, which in turn stems from me not being interested in any of it—so naturally it didn’t take two minutes from my submission to the mailing list until greg had dutifully heeded my plea to catch as many bugs as possible, but hey, better now than in three months :)

For a short period of time I tried attacking the problem with planner, but I am no friend of project management software, so that struck out. I ended up using LibreOffice Calc, which also gave me some headaches, but did eventually carry me all the way to the present version of the proposal.

What I’ve learnt about Calc:

  • ROUND() will properly round values up and down as expected
  • If you want a function which always rounds upwards, that’s CEILING
  • Parameters for functions are separated not by commas, but by semicolons

What I’ve come up with is that I have 162 hours which needs to be staffed by volunteers. No volunteer should be expected to work more than 8 hours during the conference (which spans from Friday evening, staffing-wise, to Sunday night), which means that we need 21 volunteers.

Other than that we need 1 “room host” per track, that’s 8 hosts, we need 1 camera person per track, another 8 people, and finally we need a senior person from the core team of organizers always in the “command centre”.

We have five of those. 21 + 8 + 8 + 5 = 42. The answer! Yes, I’m a geek ;D

SMS messages in a Nokia N900

razor tried to find a funny sms the other day (which he eventually did) but I couldn’t help thinking that it could have gone faster if we’d known where the messages were stored, and instead searched for specific keywords in that database.

They are stored in an SQLite database in ~/.rtcom-eventlogger/el.db


Placekitten: a service to set cute cats as place holders in your designs. Too funny to resist ;D


how to make the internet not suck (as much)

FuzzyWuzzy: Fuzzy String Matching in Python

Vim recipes


Sunday, June 19th, 2011


I have begun to use {c,d}f<character> to change or delete from the cursor up until (including) <character>.

It has made me a little bit faster in some few edge cases of text-editing, but today (Monday) I found myself in need of doing a couple of manipulations on text up until (NOT including) <character>. helped me find {c,d}t<character>.

Very nice :)

MediaWiki sortable tables

In preparation for FSCONS one of my duties as team leader for the Hardware team is to keep track of all the hardware available to FSCONS (i.e. hardware owned by FFKP) and Jonas felt it would be a good idea to have that list available on a wiki.

When I was done adding the laptops and cameras it kindof bugged me that I’d added the laptops in the “wrong” order (i.e. the serial number column wasn’t ordered).

Luckily this was an easy fix, as one can add class="wikitable sortable" to the table header in the wiki-syntax and it will automagically add the necessary javascript and buttons to make each column sortable.


The “Bump” Challenge aimed at creating a simple(r) way of exchanging public keys and establishing trust, possibly (probably?) using smartphones which are able to sync with the FreedomBox, seems like a rather nice idea.

Personal Wikis

A wiki can be a great tool, and for a while I was maintaining a personal mediawiki installation, just adding stuff I needed from time to time, but never often enough that I could learn it.

Then I stumbled over Zim, which became collateral damage as I got into my “replace as much as possible with a command-line alternative”-phase (this phase hasn’t abated yet ;)) which left me migrating to VimWiki.

I am not likely to replace VimWiki, it works well for me, but sometimes it might not be the right tool for the job. Which is why I am always on the lookout for new stuff.

I already knew about ikiWiki, but at the time I discovered it I didn’t have the time to look further into it. I guess I should change that.

And today I found TiddlyWiki, a wiki self-contained within an html file. Which people have extended for other uses.

SQLite Triggers

SQLite has support for triggers, how cool is that?! And these triggers can be triggered by other triggers! :D


Vim Casts is a Vim screencast resource for learning / improving your knowledge in Vim (thank you for the tip hook).

Tahoe-LAFS (Least Authority File System) is a decentralized fault-tolerant peer-to-peer file system. I can’t really speak about its security, but it looks pretty good, at least on paper.

ZRTP seems to be a pretty cool VoIP encryption protocol, and there seems to be an implementation for Android devices as well.

“Towards a Lifelong Content Management System” is a rather nice, well thought-through blog post on how we might want to change the way we think about content management systems (thanks @mlinksva).