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Sunday, April 1st, 2012

This week has been stressful. Mostly due to the fact that we have an upcoming deadline and problems have a tendency to appear just at that time to exacerbate things further…

But with problems resolved, and tests underway, I found some time to help a colleague out with a script to automate some pretty tricky measurement tests.
This included doing some expect-scripting.

In this particular instance I needed to get a bunch of parameters sent to expect, and treat them as a single string. Ordinarily something like ./foo.exp "some space separated parameters" would have worked, but quoting would be a hassle, so if I could avoid that it would be great.

So I learnt about Tcl’s lrange (up to that point I’d only worked with lindex) and constructed something along the lines of set foo [lrange $argv 3 end] (the first three parameters were other things).

This week I’ve also had the pleasure to read about some pretty cool people this week:

Of course, there are people in the other part of that spectrum, people who doesn’t seem to like the ugly truth or who’d just like to kill off the Internet in its present form.

Now, if you’re still a Firefox user (these days it seems people have all jumped on the Chrome bandwagon) and you still don’t understand why it could be good idea to use NoScript, RequestPolicy or BetterPrivacy, Collusion, from Mozilla might visualize it for you. For my part, with those add-ons activated, there weren’t any surprises, but just for fun I turned them off, only leaving collusion on. Frak me! A whole lot of stuff happening behind the scenes.

I also sniffed out a new timeline library which uses jQuery and is powered by JSON.