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Firefox 3.6 and tab opening order

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

I finally upgraded to Firefox 3.6 and it has been as smooth a transition as I have come to expect from Mozilla. The one small thing that first left me confused and finally prompted me to go on a configuration trek was how Firefox now handles opening of tabs.

It is probably a pretty intuitive way of working with tabs, having related tabs (i.e. ones opened from links in a present page) open and sit right next to the present page tab, instead of appearing at the end of the tab list (waaaaay off to the right).

However, I’ve grown accustomed to it and, since I use vimperator, g$ has become second nature to me, instantly bringing me to the last tab in the list.

A friend also upgraded and came to the same conclusion, so I used my google-fu to find this discussion which quickly yielded the answer:

First order of business: Head over toabout:config, then search for browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent and set it to false.

I absolutely love Firefox for its configurability. You win again Mozilla!

Firefox <3

Friday, October 24th, 2008

I will admit, there are problems with Firefox. There are many a site with image “slideshows” where each image is the link to the next page etc. Saving an image from such a site can be a real hassle, because some of the time when I right-click, Firefox will make a decision about what context option I want to have, without me ever getting the chance to chose.

So instead of chosing “save image” (which is what I want), it will activate “view image”, or “send image to” (and this option is really too fracking close to “save image” even for manual use), or dTa, or “block images from …”. Basically, all but the action I really want it to take.

As of yet, I have been unable in finding a fix for this, but it is seriously beginning to irritate the shit out of me.

Which brings me to another “flaw”, which I indeed have been able to do away with:

I use my middle-button (mouse) to open links into new tabs. Sometimes I manage to middle-click outside the link, which prompts Firefox to open whatever was in the clipboard memory? into a new tab. Usually without great results (since that is not what I wanted to do)

There is however a fix for this, if you tweak one value in about:config; Set middlemouse.contentLoadURL to false.

Oh yeah, only a couple of hours left to FSCONS. :D

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