Granted, there shouldn’t be all that many use cases for a software such as this for a non-pentesting, non-criminal, but the fact that it can record and replay previous interactions, which can be useful, for instance, to automate login on access protected networks (hopefully ones that we already have permission to enter, but find the actual logging in part a real hassle).

Procedural City, Part 1

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this entire series of blog posts, in which the author had the “simple” goal of generating an entire city, digitally, in a procedural manner.

Fedora Friendfinder

Ok, so this is just humor, but you know what? It is good humor :)


This sounds like something kinky, but is in reality a minimalist web browser with sophisticated security features designed-in.

So, a bit like luakit but with a funnier name ;)


pipeviewer really is something I could have more use for, if I just ever remebered to use it ;)

The next SOPA

You know what? This guy is on the right track. And I think Joel is as well.

MPAA shows us just why they are not a part of the solution. Mostly it is because they, and the rest of the abusive copyright-holders are their own worst enemy. Of course, they won’t go down peacefully, so it really is time for us to start fighting back. And there are plenty of targets to chose from.

In related news, it seems the Polish internet community is “unhappy” with ACTA… very nice :)

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