2011w36 — 2011w37

The regular readers might have noticed that there weren’t any weekly summaries the last two weeks, and the reason for this was a series of rather fortunate events which conspired to leave me with very little time or energy to compose a summary in.

Very shortly summarized, I have gotten a job at a pretty cool consulting company, and Wednesday (7th, week before last) was my first day at my assignment, quickly followed by an introduction day at my company, and a long weekend (Friday–Monday) conference trip to Barcelona.

So, a great big thank you to CoyPu, pesa, hesa, jonaso and razor for all your help in both acquiring the job, and keeping my spirits up. I really appreciate it.

There really isn’t much more to say, the previous week was filled with reading GPRS documentation and figuring out how an SGSN fits into it all, and I kindof suspect that the coming weeks will be equally devoid of cool stuff I’ve found, while I get myself settled at work.

hook’s suggestion to check out ConTeXt has begun rooting itself as I feel myself more and more drawn to exploring it. And I also believe the time have come for me to learn the LaTeX Beamer class in ernest.

To that end I have actually located what looks to be a rather good resource.

I have also begun seriously considering starting encrypting (parts of) my home partition, and have started looking at EncFS for that purpose.

pesa had some good ideas for how to integrate this into an auto-starting process. I’ll have to experiment a bit with that.

Finally, another tip from pesa was to replace ~/.Xdefaults with ~/.Xresources and in .xinitrc execute xrdb -m ~/.Xresources


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2 Responses to “2011w36 — 2011w37”

  1. archie says:

    LaTeX is great for documentation. Presentation != documents. Hence, drop Beamer and find something which keeps you creative instead.

    (Amazing logic from my side…)

  2. Patrik says:

    I guess that depends on your definition of a document (but I am in no mood for a semantics discussion).

    I won’t, however, heed your call. Firstly, and most prominently, because I get a kick out of being able to program a presentation. You have no idea how that jugs my creativity.

    Secondly, and forgive me if I misinterpret your words or read too much into them, but to me it sounds like you would have me do presentations in inkscape or whatnot (i.e. something more “graphical”) and that dog just ain’t gonna hunt. If you want creativity out of me, the best way is to put me in front of vim and something like LaTeX.

    Words and code are my channels of creativity, graphics etc, not so much. I could probably be stretched to allow for different font colors… but that really is stretching it. :P

    With that said, I’d love to hear what your personal replacement-recommendations would be.

    Always good having you around, welcome back :)