Introducing jQuery.xmastree

With this post I hereby announce the first release of a little jQuery-script I call xmastree. This script has NOTHING to do with Christmas decorations.

I could have given the project the more specific name jQuery.HullOpeningIndicator, but that is both long and ugly, and I fear that it would also have trapped people in thinking that it could only be useful for indicating whether openings in a submarines hull were either open or closed.

In simplified terms, an xmastree on board a submarine is a panel which displays the state of every opening into said submarine. In a submarine, the only two reasonable states are “open” and “closed”.

As such, a submarine xmastree (hull opening indicator) visualizes a series of binary states.

And that is what jQuery.xmastree attempts to mimic. Of course, this xmastree will make no assumptions about what these states represent, or how they should be visualized (that is configurable and left to the user to decide). In fact, jQuery.xmastree make no assumption about the data being visualized is binary either. It most certainly doesn’t need to be, there are no such limitations in the code.

The demo use ASCII for visualization, but one could just as simply modify data.json to have xmastree output <img> tags and thus images.

This project is released under the GNU GPL version 3 or later, and the source may be found here.


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