My software stack revisited – Communication

Although not a whole lot has changed in this part of the stack, I’ll go through it for completeness sake. And there is actually an addition to the stack if you look closely.


Thunderbird remains my email client of choice, augmented by the Enigmail add-on which enables support for GnuPG.

Instant messaging

Pidgin still remains my IM client, because it works well, has multi-protocol support (which is necessary, as it is hard to get all your friends to switch from MSN to Jabber), and supports OTR (the primary reason why empathy won’t exist on any of my systems any time soon).


For IRC, there is only one client, the client of the future: Irssi.


Finally, we’ve come to the addition to the stack: a microblogging client.

I tried Gwibber, and it worked ok (never had the latest and greatest as I at that time was running Ubuntu Jaunty so it might be better now) but it wasn’t perfect.

I then started having problems with the way twitter operates (more on that in a separate post later), and all of a sudden, the fact that they’d changed authentication to OAuth, which gwibber on my old Jaunty installation couldn’t interface with, didn’t much matter anymore.

That’s because twitter isn’t the only game in town. It might be the most populated service, but not the only one… so when I heard of the lightweight heybuddy client, I jumped ship and haven’t looked back since.

The next post will be about the software I have come to use to organize my life.


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4 Responses to “My software stack revisited – Communication”

  1. mina86 says:

    Have you triad bitlbee? It’s IMIRC gateway that lets you use Jabber and bunch of other protocols through your favourite IRC client. If I recall correctly, they also added twitter support so maybe support is possible too.

  2. Patrik says:

    I have not tried it (yet) but have heard of it and it is on my radar.
    I had already planned on mentioning it in the final post of this series: “Summary / Future”, but as I don’t use it right now, and this post is aimed at describing what I do use right now, I couldn’t put it in this post.
    It would be awesome with support as well :D
    Do you by any chance know if OTR works well in bitlbee? (From what I’ve read support is supposed to be bundled with bitlbee since the latest versions, but the only buddy on my contact list using bitlbee isn’t using OTR so I have been unable to get a confirmation on that.
    Thank you for the comment :D

  3. mina86 says:

    I have never used OTR, so cannot comment on that one. Nonetheless, as you’ve mentioned, ChangeLog claims bitlbee supports it so maybe it’s not laying?

    On the other hand, a search for “irssi otr” shows some results so as a matter of fact you could try adding OTR support to irssi, and then have it also in IRC, rather than only to bitlbee, and have it only in IMs. Again, I haven’t used that either so cannot comment.

  4. Patrik says:

    The OTR-plugin for irssi has proven… “unreliable” at best. This might perhaps be because the person I have been chatting with is using Pidgin (and OTR) for IRC, and not irssi. Pidgin and irssi OTRs might not be all that friendly with each other :/ Anyway, thanks for the input :)