I spent most of the night finishing up some work I was doing to help a friend, and finally got some time over to recoup and start addressing things in my backlog (primarily writing a blog post about a recent late night coding excursion). That plan was immediately sidetracked by the fact that WordPress 2.7.1 was released (and, for some reason the WP Automatic Upgrade plugin failed to upgrade) so I had to manually upgrade the blag. I also realized that I suck at documentation which left me almost dumbfounded as to what modifications I have made. Which meant spending some time with a local copy of the 2.7.0 install and the new release, and getting intimate with diff. This time around it is documented.

It seems that one of my modifications (aimed at separating the pingbacks from regular comments) are now an integral part of WordPress (or, if this is not the case, I suck at reading code).

I was unsuccessful in finding a way to bring back another modification however; in the previous version I had managed to get comments written by the post-author to be treated with a different style, making it stand out from the other comments. This is no longer the case. Will have to investigate this further.

One really nice outcome of this little detour is that I now know how to jump between lines in gVim.


where n is the line you wish to jump to. I love gVim.

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